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Taovation is a Chinese company that aims to enable emerging technology and high growth companies around the world succeed in China. Our company provides technology evaluation, opportunity identification and market entry services. We are dedicated to cooperating with local partners in China in order to help high-tech startups from overseas explore the market in China and vice-verse. China has always been complex to navigate for foreign small and medium-sized businesses interested in doing business here, and often times, they can’t afford to enter the market independently. Taovation’s international team, along with its advisers, are here to overcome your challenges with our deep knowledge in policy, market, technology, innovation, law, business, investment and startups.

Haoshu Peng

Miss Peng is well connected in the scientific and innovation community in China. She has worked for national scientific media and China’s leading research institute for over 10 years. Her research interests are mainly in technology mining and analysis, intellectual property rights and technology commercialization. She works in an international environment and is adept at business development and customer relationship management. She has worked on multiple positions at Chinese Academy of Sciences and did a two year visiting scholar program at Georgia Tech in the US. Today, she is engaged in helping high tech startups around the world enter the Chinese market.

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Qi Qi

Mr. Qi is a lawyer with rich experience in providing legal services to Sino-foreign joint ventures in the field of emerging technologies. He has hosted many Sino-foreign joint ventures and supports financing projects for the digital economy and various industries including new materials, technology, hardware, consumer electronics, chemical and life sciences, healthcare, and energy. His clients include Dream Data, Tongdun, Total, Thyssenkrupp, Zhejiang Energy, CNBG and other leading enterprises in China as well as the rest of the world.

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