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Taovation is creating a cross-border community to bring global talent and innovation into China.

Our philosophy is simple: by building trust and benefits for both sides, business and good fortune will follow.
Now accepting applications for our next roadshow taking place soon.
Pitches performed online. Qualified candidates may be eligible for an all-expenses paid trip to China when COVID-19 restrictions lift.

Open to all innovative startups.


Applications evaluated based on value to the Chinese market.


Shortlisted companies invited to attend virtual interviews.


Qualifying startups present in China on an all expenses paid trip.

Bring your tech to China.

  • Get introduced to the Chinese market
  • Pitch to corporations and government officials
  • Explore opportunities that exist in the region
  • Learn how China can help your business prosper
  • Understand business dealings in the local culture
Unlike a competition or startup accelerator, we're building long-term relationships as a matchmaking service. Our goal is to help you build a presence not only in China, but to have your office also serve as a hub to serve the entire Asia-Pacific.
We’ll give you access to industry leaders and delegates with pre-vetted interest in your business.
We’ll work to facilitate 1:1 meetings with companies and organizations you want to do business with.

We'll give you space.

We'll bridge the gap.

We'll make you a deal.

We began this program in 2018 and have successfully graduated two cohorts to date. During the roadshows, we opened the eyes of our foreign guests to vast opportunities within the districts visited and connected companies to innovation parks with incentives for establishing a presence in the region.

Inaugural class

December 5 - 11, 2018

Sophomore class

December 8 - 12, 2019

Our focus areas are broken down by sectors of business and useful applications in vertical markets.

Emerging Technology Fields

Application Verticals


  • Technical transformation
  • Technology licensing
  • Cooperative R&D
  • Mergers & acquisitions
  • Manufacturing technology
  • IP Collaboration
  • IP transfer
  • Joint venture

A world of opportunity awaits...

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