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Global Ecosystem

Taovation works with governments, organizations and private corporations around the world with interest in forming partnerships, alliances, business ventures and networking opportunities.
Want us to facilitate a forum, create a conference or connect you to a government district?
December 6, 2018

Global Tech Mining Conference

Highlights from this conference include keynote speeches by Alan Porter, Emeritus Professor at Georgia Tech and James Chow, CEO at Microsoft Accelerator (Shanghai).
Topics and panel discussions include Frontier of Tech Mining Research, Increasing Value of Innovation by Tech Mining, Technology Transfer in Practice, Success Factor Framework for Technology Transfer and Innovation and Entrepreneurship.
Among the talks and guests were Tao Han, Deputy Director of Intelligence Research Dept. at CAS Library, Arho Suominen, Senior Researcher at VTT Finland, Minjin Zhang, Partner at Kanghehuike Fund, CASVC, Min Zhang, Director at CAS Innovation Think Tank, and Nils Newman, President at Search Technology
November 9 - 10, 2019

Zhejiang International Science and Technology Cooperation Conference and 2019 ANSO Young Scientists Forum

Keynote by 2001 Nobel Laureate Barry Shaples: The Future of Click Chemistry in China.
Among the speakers were Jiajun YUAN, Governor, Chunli BAI, President of CAS, and Zabta Khan Shinwari, Principal, Qarshi University Pakistan (Vice Chancellor) / Former Secretary General of the Pakistan Academy of Sciences.
The International Science and Technology Cooperation Project Signing Ceremony also took place during this event.
During the ANSO Forum, tracks included Healthcare – Life is Valuable Digital Economy – Smart Internet.

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