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Taovation is a global technology and innovation incubator focused on connecting you to China's vast resources. With deep local ties, we help emerging technology startups from abroad to navigate the Chinese market and to develop relationships with domestic partners.

By combining forces with consortiums overseas, we also assist innovative, high-tech Chinese companies in exploring international markets.


If you're looking to expand operations into China, take a look at our library for information on government-backed incentives and apply to join our program.


Want to do business in China without setting up a local office? Collaborate with us to promote your product, build your supply chain or form relationships with strategic partners.


Whether you're a foreign government with economic development initiatives or a multinational corporation searching for talent and innovation, we can cater to your needs.

Hear from companies we're collaborating with...

JG Staal
Co-Founder & COO

Very impressed over there with what has been set up in such a short period of time. The buildings and the organizations, and that vision and that commitment that has been clear throughout this whole trip.

Harrison Lee
Co-Founder & CEO

We were able to visit all the innovation parks and see all the opportunities that exist today and all the support and resources that not only private companies, but the government is spending to attract foreign companies.

Rohan Agarwal

Each of those conferences were an eye opener for us because we didn't really expect that the people here and the government here are so progressive, so believe in the dream of a complete digital economy.

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